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Dyno Day

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Dyno Day

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A great day on Saturday for the 1st ever Dyno day! We had a great day enjoying “screaming” vettes and some great HP figures. Here are the results as I captured them as part of our “power Pool”.

Owner  Car                         Mods                                                    HP

Rick        C5 LS1                   intake and exhaust                         315HP

Brad       C2 327                   Stock                                                     166HP ( analysis identified some fuel issues)

Barry     C5 LS1                  intake, exhaust, cats, headers   327HP

Ray         C6 LS3                   Intake                                                   400HP

John      C5 LS1                   Stock                                                     294HP

Greg      C6 LS2                   Intake and Exhaust                         355HP

Bert       Camaro ZL1         Holy Shit                                              531HP

Brad       Stang                     Intake and exhaust                         370HP

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